The story behind the Recycled Bag

It happens to Us Fashionistas all the time… When season changes even though we already have an entire coleccion of shoes , clothes or accesories we never have what to wear and always want somethink new. And don.t tell I am wrong cause U know I am NOOT !!!                       Season changed…and of course that I kind of had that feeling I desperately needed a new bag. Did I ? Of course not ! I have at least 10 Fall-Winter bags :))) . So this time I decided to recycle an old Tommy Hilifiger bag that I love….but I wore it so much that it started to damage considerably. Since the weather is cold chosen some recycled t.shirt yarn and  knitted it in order to give that cosy feeling. I then took all the old Tommy bag.s accessories  and add them to the new one.





I would have spent at least 150 euros on a new Tommy bag. Now I have a new bag that ended up really nice in my opinion and 150 eu in my pocket 🙂 .I am still thinking how to spend them wisely. Any ideas ?


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