Faux Fur vs. Animal Fur

It smels like winter and everybody is trying to get cosy the way they can. For fashionistas this time of the year is just another opportunity to explore on cold weather materialas such as FUR. So here comes the questions Faux Fur or Animal Fur? Of course that when we talk about luxury everything that is “faux” or “fake” comes out of the question.

What I really don.t get is why people still choose to hurt animals or the enviroment when we have so many less harmful alternatives? Technology offers nowadays a great variety of materials that look cool and are obtained in a way that do not pollute our planet. So why still choosing the wrong way ?

Here are some facts that might make u change your mind:

  •  The conditions under which animals are kept are the same throughout the world.Long rows of barren wire cages in open sided sheds house the animals that are fed with dollops of paste placed on the cage tops. Water is supplied by hose and nipple. A typical mink cage would measure 70cm long by 40 wide and 45 high. Its size is based more on the length of a persons arm than the biological needs of the species. A cage for two Arctic fox would typically measure 110 cms square.                                                 images (2)
  • Over 75 million mink ( vison) and  fox (mostly Arctic fox ) are bred each year to meet the world demand for their skins.
  • Animals kept in fur factory farms show clear signs of stress. They perform stereotyped behaviour, mutilate themselves, sucking or biting their own tails. Some even resort to cannibalism.

images (5)

The killing of animals on fur factory farms is carried out immediately; Fur farmers claim that the animals must be well looked after or their fur would suffer, that is why they have to be killed as soon as they moult before it begins to deteriorate. Slaughter methods include gassing (using vehicle exhaust), neck breaking, lethal injection and electrocution.                 And…..that would be enough for me! Of course that I can go on like forever but I think u guys got the idea.

Thnx God there is always a second choice and this time this second choice is milion times better. As Gigsaw once said “make your choice”.

Here are some cool Faux Fur pictures I have chosen just to prove again that if we realy want we realy can. Stay warm but do not harm!

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3 thoughts on “Faux Fur vs. Animal Fur”

  1. All these pieces of clothing look so much like real fur. I am so glad you are getting out the message that killing animals is not the way to go for clothing. I have a question. What is the faux fur made from? What is the cost of faux fur compared to real fur?

    1. thes are very good question… today I am going to make FAUx fur part 2 where I.ll present the way faux fur is made and also costs of manufacturing and retail prices.

      1. Thank you so much amelie. If I may suggest, you needn’t apologize, as you did at the beginning of your part 2 article. Your cause is important and you have great passion for what you are doing. Your article was great beyond the apology. An article that needed to be written.

        As I said before, I am at your disposal for support for your cause. I needed these questions answered so I have a better understanding of the clothing and the meaning behind them. I will be putting a “Links” page on my blog and I will include your blog on the page. The information you provided give me the information I need to give a good marketing statement for your blog and cause.

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