WE luv fashion but on what cause?

The deadly collapse of a building in Bangladesh made news around the world and brought the country back into the western media spotlight. On 24 April Rana Plaza, a eight-story building housing several garment factories, situated in Savar, 24 kilometers outside Dhaka, was reduced to rubble leading, so far, to the death of over 1100 workers.

Catch a glimpse of what happen…

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images (2)

Pretty rough huh?! That.s what I thought ! So next time you buy somethink try to be more aware of the way the garment has been made and on cause of what sufferings.

The good part is that  100 famous brands  from more than 15 countries all around the world from which  Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Mango, Inditex Group, H&M, G-Star, Benetton , Adidas and C&A associated with  Aliance  for Bangladesh  Worker Safety and the ONG Fair Wear Foundation in order to make a difference. They are fighting to improve the work conditions in the textil sector. Here are the 8 principles the project is based on:

1.One should choose freely their job

2. NO to rasism

3.No to child exploatation

4.The right to negociate

5.Decent salary

6.Resonable working hours

7.Safe working conditions

8. Politicaly correct working relations

These principles might seem somethink normal for us but for 3rd world contries is somethink that for the moment they can only dream of. Give a hand for this dream to come true and next time you want to look “ESTHETICal” try to think first “ETHICal”. Wear fair !!!


7 thoughts on “WE luv fashion but on what cause?”

  1. I remember hearing about this tragedy. It just crushes one’s heart. I truly hope that corporations do as they say they will do. They often say they will make things better but no significant change ever comes. I know there are some honest companies out there. I think your way is much better. You know the honest companies and you bring them into the light.

    I’m not a fashion person but I really like your eye for fashion and how you bring it all together for such a great cause. You have allowed me to see the art in fashion.

      1. I am so glad. Keep up the good work and never give up. You are doing a great thing for us and all the world’s beings.

      2. I just hope pople realise that we are distroying our planet with every minute of our superfical existence … It is late.. but never for change 🙂

      3. I hope you don’t mind if I take a moment of liberty and speak my mind.

        It is difficult to people to change. It may already be too late. These things don’t matter. What matters is the passion you have for what you believe in. Let that passion flow freely and express itself.

        We don’t change people through their minds. We change people through their hearts. Sometimes showing them the consequences of their actions isn’t always the best way to get to their hearts.

        Believe that what you are doing is the right thing. Express to people the beauty of the fashions you offer. Let them know how cost effective they are. Let them know how beautiful they can look and enjoy fashions that are gentle to the environment.

        People like to be loved not condemned. Corporations are the evil invaders on this earth. They are the enemy. Corporations are made up of people. I say, don’t attack a corporation head on. Attack it from the bottom up, where it is most vulnerable.

        Guilt is another thing that shouldn’t be used against the people. We love the people. We hate the corporations and their greed. We must rise up, each in our own way, joining together as one against the enemy.

        Like I said, I am not a person of fashion. I support your cause. I join with you because your cause joins with mine. Seek out other people with causes that are similar. Those who stand for equality. Those who stand for environmental causes. We can’t do it alone. We need each other.

        This is a movement that is currently underway in the underground of society. We have learned that we can’t beat them by playing by their rules. So we will beat them playing by a new set of rules. The rules of the people.

        I believe in you. I support your cause. I will do what I can to connect your cause to other causes where we all support each other. Let this be part of your marketing. Seek to market to people who believe in your cause or a cause similar to it.

        You are not just selling clothes that are protecting the animals. You are doing your part in changing the world. Your part may be in offering safe fashion to people, but this is part of the whole. When we realize we are not alone in our struggle to save the world, to provide safe working conditions for all the people around the world, we realize we are one part of a whole that is going on right now.

        The mere fact that you have this passion reveals that it is necessary and not vanity. It may seem like pushing a large stone up a hill at times and, that stone may come rolling down on us at times. But each time we must pick ourselves up and starting pushing that stone up the hill again until we reach the top.

        Okay, I end taking my liberty of speaking my mind. 🙂

      4. Please view my blog. I have added a page at the top called “Links of Interest” where I have added your blog. Please let me know what you think or any changes you would like to make. I have also added your blog as a widget on my blog. Sorry, you have to go under the “Wolf Conservation Center”. 🙂

      5. That,s very nice of u… It.s realy an honour … I.ve read what u wrote and I prefer to take it as an advice and say nothing about it…I mean what elese can I say? U sad it all :))) and very good actually …. thnx again …I don.t like to make any changes one someone.s blog. Just do it the way u feel 🙂

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