DIY T-Shirt Dress

let.s recycle,….


Every wonder what to do with those huge over sized, stretched out T-shirts? Well now you can easily make a Mimic Maxi Dress! The steps aren’t hard either! Just start with your favorite T-shirt that may be wearing out soon, and attach the next sized shirts according to size so you get that nice flare out at the bottom. With left over arms on the extra t-shirts you can even make pockets! Everyone loves a pocket dress! Adding the pleat in the middle is only one step too! This adds sophistication and Class! Now just add a belt and you are ready to hit the town! Use whatever colors you would like to make this dress your own! Your dress will be one of a kind and everyone will know it! People will be asking you to make them a dress like this in no time! A great idea would be…

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