PIMIP my T-shirt

I.m back! Here are the facts for today:  DID YOU KNOW THAT when you recycle 1 plastic bottle you save 6 hours of energy from a 60 watt light bulb? Or that 90% less water is used in making recycled polyester versus virgin polyester? What about the fact that we ‘consume’ 169,000 tonnes of mattresses a year but only 25,000 tonnes is recovered and in 2010 we could have recovered 84,500 tonnes of steel from discarded mattresses for recycling or energy recovery…but guess what?  we didn.t !Why is that ? don.t know …. i think it.s because we just don.t care anymore … this world is becoming way more superficial than we can bare… so let.s do something about it. Margaret Mead said once:“A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”  So ALL YOU THOUGHTFUL PEOPLE out there it.s time to come forward and show that you do care …that WE CARE!

Here are some more fact that should make you reconsider: Twenty-six recycled PET bottles equals a polyester suit. Five recycled PET bottles make enough fiberfill to stuff a ski jacket. Manufacturers can make one extra large T-shirt out of only five recycled plastic soda bottles. …. Besides you can recycle your old tshirts ….it will be fun, you.ll save some money, help the planet and have a great feeling when the final product made by your hands is finished. Take a look at some T.shirt “pimping” to get inspired:

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